Fear of Hypocrisy


Ibraheem At-Taymee said “I didn’t measure my speech with my actions except that I feared being a liar.”

Ibn Abee Malaykah said “I met 30 companions of the messenger of Allah, salla Allahu alayhe wa sallam, and they all feared falling into hypocrisy and not one of them said that he had faith like Jibreel (Angel) and Mikaaeel (Angel).”

It was mentioned by Al-Hassan, “That no one fears hypocrisy except a believer and no one feels secure from falling into it, except for a hypocrite!”

Imam Bukhari intended by this chapter a refutation of the “Murji’ah” who say that a believer is sure that he has complete faith and that his faith is equivalent to Jibreel (Angel) and Mikaaeel (Angel).  He also doesn’t fear for himself hypocrisy in his actions as long as he is a believer.

It was reported from Hudhayfah that he said, “A hypocrite is one who is described with Islam but doesn’t act in accordance to it.”

Umar Ibn Al-Khataab said, “The thing that I fear the most for you is a hypocrite that is Aleem (knowledgeable).”

So they replied, “How can a hypocrite be considered -Aleem (knowledgable)?”

So he said, “He speaks with wisdom and acts with treachery or he said wickedness!”

And as for the Tabi’een (those who came after the companions):

Ibn Sireer said, “There is nothing that I fear more than this verse of the Quran {And there are from the people who say we believe in Allah and The Last Day (but in reality) they are not believers} 2:8.

Ayub said, “Every verse in the Quran that mentions hypocrisy, I fear for myself.”

Mu’aawiyah Ibn qurra said, “Umar (Ibn Al-Khataab) used to fear hypocrisy, so who am I to feel safe from it!”

Abu Ishaaq Al-Fazaari said, that Al-Azaa’ee said, “Umar feared hypocrisy for himself.”

So I said to Al-Awzaa’ee, “They say that Umar didn’t fear hypocrisy for himself when he asked Hudhayfah (about the hypocrites) however he feared being tested by the hypocrites before he died.”

So Al-Awzaa’ee said, “This statement is the statement of the people of innovation!”

Imam Ahmad was asked about a person who doesn’t fear falling into hypocrisy, so he said “Who is safe from falling into hypocrisy?”

Hypocrisy Al-Asgar (actions) is the type that they all feared for themselves and its a gateway to hypocrisy Al-Akbar (that takes one out of Islam). It’s feared for the one who displays many attributes of hypocrisy Al-Asgar (actions) in his life that it can lead him to hypocrisy Al-Akbar (takes one out of Islam) to the point where all of his faith is then removed in totality.

Allah says, {So when they turned away, Allah turned their hearts away. Allah doesn’t guide those who are sinners (disobedient to Allah)} 61:5

and Allah says, {And we shall turn their hearts and their eyes away (from guidance) as when they didn’t believe in it the first time} 6:110


Translated and summarized from “Fathul Baari” an explanation of Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree from Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali (d.795)

Following the Path of the Mu’mineen

From the collection of translated khutbas given at al Masjid al Haram, in Makkah al Mukkaramah, “Following the Path of the Mu’mineen in Understanding the Qur’aan and Sunnah” by Usaamah Khayyaat, may Allah preserve him. Translated by our fellow student, Aboo Shaybah, may Allah preserve him.

Link: https://qaryah.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/1436-05-15-khayyaat-path-of-mumineen.pdf